Simple Stack

We founded Simple Stack out of a desire to do great work. Enterprise applications need to do better.

Our team is full of ideas

We love to tinker and do things differently

Brett Smith
Brett lives in Marin CA w/ his wife Taylor and enjoys photography, fishing & running. He has 16+ years experience in creative problem solving at Fortune 100 Companies and SaaS unicorns including Salesforce and Airtable.

At Salesforce, he was a key member responsible for leading Google, Cisco, and Apple through their digital transformation. At Airtable, he led a team of Strategic CSMs responsible for Airtable's largest and most valued customers. Brett has a passion for building relationships, connections and building software that generates positive change.
Andrew Dodds
Andrew is a Navy veteran currently residing in Sacramento CA w/ his wife Lauren and daughter Blair. He has spent over 10 years in high growth startups managing digital transformation projects for Fortune 100 companies.

At Airtable he managed the 2 largest customers helping them define and achieve their business outcomes.

Andrew loves to tinker and and build. He also enjoys sailing and spy fiction.